Motion Solutions has implemented a formal Supplier Scorecard. As you will see on the attached document you received a 96% & 93%. Thanks for being a great partner.
I deeply appreciate all you do.

Supply Chain Manager, nPoint, a division of Motion Solutions

Always appreciate all the support and working with Savannah - you guys are one of our favorite folks to deal with and the relationship is great.

Owner, Meridian Laboratory Inc

I know that this was a big ask but it was my customer’s request to ship system order sooner if possible. Your response was FABULOUS, thank you! This helps me tremendously.

Buyer/Planner, Thermo Fisher Scientific

For the past years with ABS Global Inc./ IntelliGen Technologies, I had the pleasure of working with you and truly appreciate all your support and collaboration!

Supply Chain Specialist, ABS Global Inc/IntelliGen Technologies

HOT ORDER NEED ASAP. I gave you a very short lead time and you delivered! Thank you. You're the best.

Head Purchaser, Bruker Corp