CNC Mills

Savannah currently has 36 CNC Mills, which includes twelve 4th axis, and four 5th axis machines. Our maximum table dimensions are 40”x20”

CNC Lathes

Savannah currently has 5 CNC Lathes, including two collets, one collet with a 3 jaw chuck, and two 3 jaw chucks that are capable of slug work up to 8" and bar work up to 2.6". Our maximum turning length is 1'.

Manual Equipment

In addition to our CNC equipment, Savannah also boasts 3 Manual Mills and 4 Manual Lathes. In sum, our expertise and technology ensure we consistently meet all quality specifications.

Nakamura-Tome AS-200

The Nakamura-Tome AS-200 is a live-tooling CNC lathe. CNC stands for Computer Numerical Control, which gives the machine immense control and allows it to make accurate parts down to the thousandth of an inch or less. This lathe is also equipped with live-tooling, which means that it is able to mill in the same fixturing as a part is being turned. It essentially combines the capabilities of a lathe and a milling machine, and it is also able to drill and tap and slot parts. This saves time because a part can be completed at just one machine instead of doing one operation on a lathe and then taking it to a mill to do the next operation. Another benefit this machine brings is its spindle, which functions as another axis(C-axis). Having another axis that is free from the rest of the machine allows for more precise tooling at any angle. The multitasking that this machine accomplishes is key in bettering our productivity and efficiency in the shop. Completing parts faster and with the same precision and accuracy is one of our main goals, and the Nakamura-Tome AS-200 allows us to do exactly that.

Zeiss Eclipse Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM)

The Zeiss Eclipse CMM is one of the most important tools for quality assurance. A Coordinate-Measuring Machine, also known as a CMM, is a very powerful instrument. It is used to measure the geometric characteristics of a part and is accurate within twenty microns. The Eclipse uses a mechanical probe attached to a movable arm on a fixed bridge that rests above the table. Using this probe, it is possible to check flatness of surfaces in the X, Y, and Z planes as well as check angles, bore holes, threaded holes, and more for accuracy. Combined with computer software and digital imaging, the CMM allows for more precision in checking parts than other conventional methods. The Calypso software made by Zeiss is used along with the machine to ensure the utmost of accuracy in measurement. Utilizing software also makes running parts easier and more efficient as time goes on, which is a major benefit in the long run. The CMM lets us have better accuracy in quality assurance.